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About Us

Skinner Hamilton is a family owned CPA business advisory firm that is fast becoming the leader in accounting and business advisory services Australia wide.

We specialise in all aspects of business advice including business growth, strategic planning and business coaching and have a unique focus on ways to maximise the profits and legally minimise the tax bills for our hard working clients. In particular, Skinner Hamilton have a specialty niche as accountants for doctors and our tailored accounting solutions to the medical profession have seen outstanding results. Our team are a group of highly motivated professionals. Whilst having the pleasure of working on Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast, they take pride in delivering the very best of personalised client service to our valued clients.


The Story So Far...


Skinner Hamilton Accountants was formed in December of 2008 after husband and wife team Jason and Melissa Skinner took over from the previous owners Bentley Brett & Vincent of which Jason was a partner. 

Many people ask who the Hamilton is in Skinner Hamilton and the story goes that in deciding a name Jason and Melissa felt Skinner and Skinner Accountants sounded a bit funny so they had to come up with alternatives. 

Wanting to represent the value Jason and Melissa both place on their respective families they decided on the name Skinner Hamilton with the Skinner being Jason’s side of the family and the Hamilton being Melissa’s family maiden name.

And they went from there.


The firm at the time was in an established office premises in Lawrence Drive Nerang on Queensland’ Gold Coast at the time, and whilst Jason & Melissa had big plans for growth and expansion of the practice, with the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in full swing and with so many small businesses under stress and financial pressure, a large proportion of our work and services at the time involved putting out financial fires for clients and keeping them in great shape during the GFC.


Our systems and processes in the early years where very heavily reliant on paper and manual files. In fact our physical file archive was so large we required offsite document storage facilities to house the tombs of paperwork.

In search for a better more effective solution we implemented our first version of our paperless office.

While the system used an enormous amount of paper it was certainly a lot more efficient, required a lot less physical storage space and was Skinner Hamiltons first move to becoming a more environmentally conscious accounting firm. 

Skinner Hamilton continues today to have a focus on using the latest technology and systems to deliver fast efficient services that reduce waste and our impact on the environment.


The fallout of the GFC meant that many landlords where left holding empty property and office spaces. This provided an opportunity to negotiate attractive incentives and leasing arrangements for anybody willing to make the move. 

In late 2009 the newly completed Emerald Lakes business centre had just been completed and was vacant and keen to attract new professional tenants.

This presented a major strategic opportunity for Skinner Hamilton to move to a new professional location that would align the professional image of our brand with the quality of our service and valued clientele we serve.

It was in 2010 that our new purpose built home would open in Emerald Lakes Town Centre.


Settled in our new home the firm has continued to grow and develop our team and our service offering to our valued clients. 

With the disruption of the move to the new office over, our focus switched to further developing our systems and services to meet the growing challenges and shifts in our the business environment.



In 2013 an opportunity presented itself to relocate to Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast. The move would see us with a ground floor premises which was easier to locate and provided better parking and access for our clients.

Much has changed in the accounting profession since we started our journey and we continue to evolve as a firm today. 




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